Gift Voucher Printing

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Gift Voucher Printing

We print gift vouchers for hundreds of independent outlets across the UK.

Gift vouchers, are a specialised form of stationery in that unlike say headed paper or compliment slips gift vouchers have a monetary value and require additional considerations such as trace ability and security.

Often gift vouchers are printed on both sides and may require additional finishing such as perforations, individual numbering, bar-codes, security precautions may also include specialist inks, holograms and other anti counterfeiting measures.

For many businesses the sheer variety of options available when printing gift vouchers can seem overwhelming and prohibitively expensive.
At Real Rewards we have over the last 10 years developed a gift voucher printing package applying the most cost effective options suitable for most small to medium sized businesses.

Our Gift Vouchers are supplied in cheque book form containing 50 vouchers, each voucher is printed on both sides, individually numbered with a micro perforated stub. Clients can use their own numbering schemes or use ours . Bar-codes are an included option either individual to each voucher or the same bar-code for each design. We find that these features offer the most cost effective gift voucher solution for most small to medium businesses requiring  1000 vouchers or less.
For many business looking to provide a gift vouchers to their customers quantity is a particular issue as the specialised nature of gift voucher printing raises the costs making small quantities relatively expensive for them and non profitable for printers.

We have solved that problem by printing Gift Vouchers for 100’s of clients across the UK and having dedicated print runs every Tuesday throughout the year and every Tuesday and Friday in the run up to Christmas. The result being that our clients can order as little as 1 booklet ( 50 vouchers) at a time.

The security aspect of gift voucher printing is something we get asked about all the time so please contact us if you wish to discuss this in detail.

Prospective clients are often surprised to discover that the Gift Voucher printing process though important in terms of security is not necessarily the most important, other factors such as the total quantity of gift vouchers, the total face value, the amount in circulation at any one time, the redemption process and even the simple use of an expiry date all play a roll in deciding what security measures are required at the printing stage.

Please get in touch if you need any more information.