Customer Loyalty Schemes.

Are we right for your company?

The Team at Real Rewards have over Twenty years
experience in the Set-up, Development and running of Customer Loyalty Schemes.

With an In-House Software developer, Sales and
Marketing Manager and a dedicated outsourcing Team we are able to offer you a very straight
forward (and) most importantly BESPOKE Customer Loyalty scheme that can be designed to suit your business.

Our Customer Loyalty scheme’s are aimed at business owners / mangers who wish to offer a loyalty scheme solution, but do not want its operation and
management to distract from
running the core business.

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How does the Customer Loyalty Scheme work?

Signing Up

1. The customer is given an application form to fill in with their personal details.
2. They will also be issued with a Loyalty Card which will have a 14 digit number on the front and also embossed into the magnetic stripe on the reverse of the card.
3. The number on the card will be added to the application form and then sent to us for processing
(YOU have total ownership of your customer database)
4. Then your customer can start ‘Spending’


1. Every-time a customer spends money with you they have their Loyalty Card Swiped and the amount they have spent is entered into the Loyalty Card System.
2. At the end of each trading day an ‘end of day’ will be done to collate all of the Loyalty Card Transactions.
3. Each day Real Rewards will dial into Dropbox (this is where all transactions are held overnight.
4. These transactions are then allocated to the relevant customers account.

The Rewarding Part

1. Real Rewards will analyse what each customer has spent over a given’ period (one Quarter) and then produce a report which will show the total amount of ‘Reward they are entitled too.
2. We will issue a minimum of four Voucher letters to your customers for the amount they are entitled to via Royal Mail. All we ask is that you provide us with the conent for each letter and we will do the rest.
3. Vouchers are then redeemed at your site against customer spend thus driving repeat visits.

Cost effectiveness is a key factor in your decision making process regarding your Customer Loyalty Scheme.

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Technical Considerations

Our Customer Loyalty Scheme is a software based scheme,
the software is free but you need to provide the following in order to be able to use it.

1. A Windows based Till or EPOS system OR a Windows based device such as a Laptop / Net-book / PC

2. A Magnetic strip reader and or a Bar Code reader.
(We can provide this)

3. Broadband internet access on site and internet connectivity to each device running the Loyalty Scheme.

We will provide all the assistance that you need to get set up.