What will running a Loyalty Scheme Cost

Cost of running a Customer Loyalty Scheme

Customer Loyalty schemes are medium to long term marketing tools, the benefits of which accrue over time. Realistically a 3 - 5 years duration is likely to be a minimum. We have clients that have been with us for over 10 years.

Therefore all our pricing is based on a minimum of 3 years. We assume a minimum of 250 customers hence a minimum monthly direct debit of £62.50 + VAT is always in place.

Customer Loyalty Schemes
For this reason you are likely to consider 250 customers as the minimum that are you are setting out to recruit.

For budgeting purposes we recommend that you allow approximately £3.50 per year per customer that you recruit, as the cost of running the Loyalty Scheme. This assumes each customer qualifies for a reward four times per year, which may not always be the case.

Unless you opt for some or all of your Own Branding, £3.50 per customer is an all inclusive price including 4 Mailings per customer per year, a card , data entry, application form, voucher fulfilment, reporting and support.

Considering the standard price of 2nd class postage for four items is £3.50 we think we offer very good value.
We can have you up and running normally within 20 working days depending on the options you choose.

Besides the Marketing Benefits, the business case put simply is the cost of £3.50 per customer plus the reward you offer, should be more than offset by the customer activity generated.
Future Marketing

Your Loyalty Scheme database, once active and growing contains a lot of detailed information about your customers.

This can be used to support and drive a variety of different marketing activities that support and enhance your loyalty scheme.

These can be activities such as email newsletters aimed at existing customers and postcard mailings aimed at new customers.

For example, if you want to recruit new customers, using your existing database you could analyse spend per postcode against distance from your business and work out which postcodes are worth targeting and then identify every household in those areas that was not already a customer, for targeted Marketing.

There are many other ways of making the Loyalty Scheme work for you and to be a hugely worthwhile Marketing tool, to existing and New Customers.

Customer Loyalty Schemes
“I have been using the Real Rewards loyalty card scheme in my small urban garden centre for eight years. It is one of the best decisions I ever made! I am able to track so much information about my customers and trends, and have an easily accessible means of communication with them. My customers feel valued, and it always amazes me how delighted they are to receive even the smallest of vouchers. Of course the main thing is that it has, without doubt, helped improve the bottom line, and anything that does that is worth looking at. What gives the scheme real added value is Andy and Jenny’s dedication to making the scheme work for me and my customers. They are a delight to work alongside, as they are both extremely professional yet friendly, and nothing is ever too much trouble. They took the time to really understand the unique personality of my business, and have tweaked and tailored the system so that I have exactly what I need. To any business wavering on a decision as to whether they should go ahead with the scheme, I would  encourage you to get off the fence and go for it”!
Karen, Robby and the Team - Alleyn Park Garden Centre

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